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I was talking to my friend about going to get my Christmas tree the other day and she told me about how she doesn't like going because she worries about all of them not getting good homes. So I wrote this quick little piece about a tree at a Christmas tree lot.

The day had finally come but the waiting was just beginning. The holiday season had officially begun and people would finally come looking for their Christmas tree. Not all of us would be chosen and I could only hope that I would be one of the lucky ones. I thought I had a fairly good chance though. I was not quite as shapely as some of the others but I did not think I looked too bad.


"Ooh, look at this one!" The little girl was pointing at a gorgeous tree in front of me that made me feel like just a sapling.

A man and a woman whom I assumed were her parents caught up with her and looked toward the tree she was directing them toward. The woman studied it with a hand on her hip while the man circled it slowly. He stopped before he disappeared around the other side and shook his head. "It's too tall. It'll never fit in our living room."

The girl looked a bit disappointed but almost immediately she shrugged and looked around at the rest of us. Her parents hung back and I got the impression that they had agreed to let her pick. I felt a surge of hope when she turned toward me and said, "How about this one?" I couldn't be quite sure that she was talking about me until her parents walked over. With all three of them looking at me, it was unmistakable.

The suspense grew worse and worse as I waited for them to make their decision. Their first words weren't particularly complimentary but they could have been worse. "Well, this one will definitely fit in the house," said the man.

"It looks a bit small. Is it even as tall as you are?"

"That's true. We can come back to it though, if we don't find one we like better."

I watched as they kept searching and I could still see them when they found another tree. _The_ tree for them. It wasn't me.


A young boy caught my attention by being the first to give me more than a quick glance in hours. He raised my hopes further by calling to his family so they could come get a look at me too. His older sister tilted her head, saying, "I like it," and the younger girl echoed her sentiment.

I joined them in turning my attention to their father. I hoped he would immediately agree and they would take me away with them, but he stayed silent, inspecting me more closely than the others. As he walked around to see me from a different angle, I desperately wished that I could turn. So far they had only seen my good side and I wanted it to stay that way. But I braced myself for the inevitable reaction.

"It looks kind of skimpy over here."

There was some discussion about how they could deal with that, but in the end they moved on.


A few weeks after the start of the Christmas season I had nearly given up hope of being chosen. I stopped paying attention when new customers arrived and I stopped looking at the other trees that were still left.

"This one is cute." For the first time in days, I looked at the person who had spoken. The elderly, female voice was close enough to be talking about me. She was looking at me too. I tried to push down the hope that was rising again but it didn't work. "It's the perfect height. Just short enough that you'll be able to put the star on top without climbing on anything."

The man who had to be her husband looked at me intently. "Good point."

The woman moved around and I prepared myself for her next comment. "There's a bare spot over here." I didn't think those comments would ever stop hurting. But the man's next words surprised me.

"Good. I won't have to spend twenty minutes turning the damn thing while you decide which way you like it. We'll just face that side to the wall and be done with it."

The hope was growing again.

"Does that mean we've decided on this one?"

I wasn't sure if I could handle the suspense much longer.

"Looks like it."

I could hardly dare to believe it. After all the waiting, I was finally going home.

Now I should really get back to knitting presents. After I sleep. I probably shouldn't go back to being nocturnal; that wasn't fun.


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